Memory and Resistance

Robert Marrone | Veronica's Veil

Veronica's Veil

Robert Marrone
Veronica's Veil

Mixed media on canvas
48" x 36"

The "true icon" is not the actual person or event, but an image that reflects what persons and events have come to mean in the life of the beholder. We cannot remember anything as it actually happened, since all memory is filtered through time, further reflection, experience and the accumulation of meaning. This work incorporates the chaotic experiences of a momentous year of illness and death along with the profound love and empathy that has led so many people to care for those who are suffering and dying. In addition there is the political unrest, social protest and communal change, all of which has left its imprint on our corporate consciousness. Memory becomes a mirror, however imperfect, of all of this. In the process we become the veil- the icon of memory which is imprinted on the cloth of our souls.

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