Memory and Resistance

Kristina Walter | Surviving the Dragon

Surviving the Dragon
Kristina Walter
Surviving the Dragon

Oil on archival paper
3 panels, each 30" x 22"

Audre Lorde writes about resisting the capitalist, sexist, racist, patriarchal dragon. This dragon's hot breath is all around us. We live in its teeth. For everyone but especially for people of color, for women of color, their mere survival is rebellious. They are surviving in a world that doesn't want them to survive, that wasn't designed for their survival. In her essays, Lorde explores the effects on the patriarchy on us and our interactions with each other. The dragon grinds us down, but we must resist by resisting hierarchies, by seeing each other, listening to each other, and realizing that we need each other. We must resist by focusing our anger, by giving it expression, and by using it as a productive creative force between us for all of our liberation. 


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