Memory and Resistance

Pat Fallon | I HATE WAR


Pat Fallon

Acrylic on canvas
5 canvases, each 18” x 14”

Almost all of my advocacy work is very very large and makes a statement against war, through images such as BABY GRAVES, DARFUR PIETA and so forth. This piece of patterning disguises my statement not nicely spoken: I Hate all war and injustice and believe that love is what will bind the world to justice and peace even though I know hate does not. A conundrum....

I am an advocacy artist: I use my skills to advocate for my beliefs. This began in the late 60s with the Vietnam War and continued through with women’s issues, Darfur, The Sudan, homelessness in Cleveland, El Salvador, war in general, our current political divide and Black Lives Matter. My work is usually meant to catch your eye large.The point here is to catch your eye so that the more you look the message begins to appear.


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