Memory and Resistance

Megan Dull, SND | Hallowing VIII

Hallowing VIII

Megan Dull, SND
Hallowing VIII: Our Hearts Still Beat Amid the Ashes

Burnished stoneware, pit fired
22" x 7.5" x 5"

This [was from a] series of pit-fired figures first emerged not long after the horrific 9/11 event. As a nation, we reeled in the aftermath. So many other world grievances and atrocities add to our underlying sense of deep loss and tectonic shiftings. I struggle to name an appropriate response that would bear the power and strength to heal our relationships with each other. Perhaps it lies simply with Compassion. Because we feel this hollowing out in our own psyches, perhaps we can begin to bridge the chasms between us and learn again how to hallow each other and our living earth.



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