Student Activism at CWRU

Student Perspectives in Print

Articles, editorials, and excerpts from The College Folio, a publication produced by College for Women students from 1892/93-1912/13, provide insight to student perspectives on suffrage for women.

College Folio, front cover, November 1908

"Shall Woman Suffrage Be Adopted?"
The College Folio, v.17#2 (November 1908): 50-65

"Monday, December 14, the students and faculty of the College had the pleasure of meeting Mrs. Parks [sic] of Boston, third vice-president of the National College Woman Suffrage Association. They found Mrs. Parks not only a very intelligent but a very charming woman, and her presentation of the much abused question of woman suffrage aroused not only lively interest but earnest support among the students."
The College Folio, v.17#3 (December 1908): 116-117

"The open meeting of the Gavel Club on April 15 was one of the most enjoyable of the year. Miss Perkins spoke on 'Some Suffragists I Have Known.' She emphasized chiefly the home life of these women, and the fact that they were broad-minded in the truest sense of the word."
The College Folio, v.17#7 (April 1909): 294



College Folio, front cover, December 1910

"The Undercurrent"
The College Folio, v.19#3 (December 1910): 109-111
A report of a talk by Mrs. Gilmore on the subject, Woman and the State.
"When woman is desiring to be not only a female but a human being, she is not desiring to be a male: the crown of creation is in our humanity."






College Folio, February 1911, front cover


“The College Woman, A Voter”
The College Folio, v.19#5 (February 1911): 188-190
"The argument is raised repeatedly, 'If you give them the ballot, they won't use it.' But the college woman will."

"Present Day Club, at an open meeting at Guilford House, presented Miss Milholland, who spoke briefly on suffrage problems, in response to questions from the audience"
The College Folio, v.19#7 (April 1911): 235

"Tuesday, April 25 - Present Day Club meeting. At a meeting at Guilford House a Suffrage League is organized among the students."
The College Folio, v.19#8 (Commencement Number 1911): 288


College Folio, front cover, November 1912

College Folio, front cover, March 1913

“The Undercurrent”
The College Folio, v.21#2 (November 1912): 78-79
". . .the battle is not over yet. Every loyal and ardent suffragist is centering her energy on the great campaign. . ."

“The Undercurrent”
The College Folio, v.21#6 (March 1913): 225-226
A report on Mrs. Park's suffrage lecture attended by a "sturdy constituency."

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