Student Activism at CWRU

Women's Suffrage - Sources and Credits

The following sources were used to create the section on women's suffrage. Sources can be consulted in the University Archives. Contact Archives staff via email ( or phone (216-368-3320).

1AA Western Reserve University Catalogs, 1913-1918
1VC1 Western Reserve University Commencement Convocation Records, 1914-1922
4PN1 Western Reserve University Student Newspapers, The Reserve Weekly, 1909-1919
7JI Case Western Reserve University Office of University Development and Alumni Affairs Alumni Records
7PI Case Western Reserve University Office University Communication Biographical Files
22AD College for Women Alumnae Directories
22F College for Women Faculty Records, meeting minutes, 1908
22I College for Women Student Credential Records
22JI College for Women Alumnae Papers
22LS Flora Stone Mather College Students' Photograph Albums and Scrapbooks, Helen Stevens Moffett Scrapbook
22PF College for Women Student Publications, The College Folio, 1908-1913
22PL2 College for Women Student Literary Publications, The Sun Dial, 1918-1919
22PY College for Women Student Yearbooks, Varia Historia, 1914-1922
22S Equal Suffrage League Records
22SI Present Day Club Records
22V College for Women School-Sponsored Events Records, Chapel Program, week of 10/11/1920

This exhibit was prepared and published by the following staff members who are members of the Campus Libraries Diversity Working Group History of Student Activism Subcommittee: Helen Conger, Marel Corredor-Hyland, Naomi Langer, Julia Teran.

This exhibit was adapted from a web exhibit originally published by the CWRU Archives. The original exhibit was researched, prepared, and published by the following current and past University Archives staff members: Helen Conger, Christine Liebson, Jill Tatem, Julia Teran.

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