Memory and Resistance

1st Jury Award | Megan Dull, SND | Lament




Megan Dull, SND
Lament: Tears of the World

Stoneware, terra sigillata, oxide stain, glaze
17.5" x 30" x 22"

LAMENT is all of us. And as our grief beseeches the highest heaven, let it be a summons to act with the greatest compassion. The Book of Lamentations "is about the collapse of a physical, emotional, and spiritual universe of an entire people... It summons us to companionship with those whose homes and cities are destroyed, whose bodies are tortured, whose spirits are depleted, colonized, and dehumanized. It urges practices of compassionate witnessing ...and empathic understanding." (Kathleen O'Connor, Lamentations and the Tears of the World)

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