Case School: The Evolving History


Academic department establishment dates are not always clear. While some departments were established by the Board of Trustees; some were the result of the merger of two or more departments; some started out as a single course and grew into a department; at one point Case dissolved the engineering departments altogether. Terminology also changes with time. All this is to explain that establishment dates of academic departments can be ambiguous. What we have attempted to do here is to list the dates where the department became a distinct entity.

There are several dates which apply to all or nearly all these departments:
  1. 1961 - Case abolished all engineering departments and merged them into the Engineering Division. This change did not affect Metallurgy (Materials Science) since it was not considered an engineering department. Biomedical Engineering, Macromolecular Science, and the computing science departments grew out of this merged division.

  2. 1967 - At the Federation of WRU and Case, the Division of Engineering became the School of Engineering. The faculty groupings within the School became differentiated as divisions.

  3. 1973 - President Toepfer, on the recommendation of John A. Hrones, approved changing the nomenclature of the School of Engineering divisions from divisions to departments.

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