Case School: The Evolving History

Department of Mathematics


In 1930, the Department of Mathematics and Astronomy separated into the Department of Mathematics and the Department of Astronomy.

In 1938, the Department of Mathematics awarded first M.S. in Mathematics and in 1946, the department started the Ph.D. program.

The curriculum was expanded with the addition of the Vector Analysis, Modern Geometry, Advanced Calculus, Theory of Equations, Graphic Calculus and Monography, Higher and Linear Algebra, Theory of Numbers and Invariants, Differential Geometry, Theory of Functions of Complex Variables, Infinite Sines and Products, and Calculus of Variations courses.

In 1945, the department created the Mathematics Laboratory, consisting of initial “tech” equipment. Two years later, the laboratory added a Marchant calculator and a slide projector. This laboratory was the precursor of the computer science at Case School.