19th at 100: Commemorating the Suffrage Struggle and Its Legacies in Northeast Ohio

The Crusade for Suffrage at the College for Women

Students at the College for Women have been part of the effort to win full suffrage for the majority of the early twentieth century. Several student organizations and philanthropy events focused exclusively on issues surrounding voting rights. The school's Equal Suffrage League was formed in 1916 and the student chapter of the YWCA helped campus-bound students register, request, and cast their absentee ballots, “Thus every voter in the University has had a chance to vote without being put to any great inconvenience.” Additionally, student organizations such as The Suffrage Club at the College for Women actively sought the right to vote. The College for Women’s suffrage club was “young but promising” in May of 1919. While the earliest iteration of this organization was established on campus in 1908, several years of inactivity meant that the organization had to be revived in the fall of 1915. Throughout its history, the Suffrage Club had mostly been a small organization, though artifacts archived by the University show that efforts were made to increase the group's membership.

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