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Case Western Reserve University Archives

Athletic Conference Membership of Case, WRU, and CWRU


The University Archives' staff has compiled summaries from sources in the Archives about athletic conference membership at Case Institute of Technology, Western Reserve University and Case Western Reserve University from 1902 through 2020.

Western Reserve University
10/1902-5/1932: Ohio Athletic Conference (OAC)
2/1946-6/1955: Mid-American Conference (MAC)
9/1955-1969/72: Presidents' Athletic Conference (PAC)*

Case Institute of Technology
10/1902-9/1948: Ohio Athletic Conference (OAC)
7/1955-1969/72: Presidents' Athletic Conference (PAC)*

Case Western Reserve University
1969/72-6/1984: Presidents' Athletic Conference (PAC)*
9/1984-6/1999: North Coast Athletic Conference (NCAC)
9/1987-current (as of 2019/20): University Athletic Association (UAA)
2014-current (as of 2019/20): associate member of President's Athletic Conference for football

*Case Institute of Technology and Western Reserve University federated on July 1, 1967 to create Case Western Reserve University. Despite federation, Case and WRU maintained separate varsity teams. As each sport merged between 1969 and 1972, separate Case and WRU memberships were replaced by a single CWRU membership.


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