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Case Western Reserve University Archives


The staff of the University Archives has compiled summaries of these aspects of intercollegiate athletics programs of Case Institute of Technology, Western Reserve University, and Case Western Reserve University:

alphabetical list of Case, WRU, and CWRU varsity head coaches (1880-2000)
links to picture and details of each coach's service: sports coached, years, school, and career records

Colors, Mascots, Names
Case, WRU, and CWRU team colors, mascots, names and dates they were used

chart of Case, WRU, and CWRU conference memberships (1902-2020)

Merger of Case and WRU Intercollegiate Varsity Teams
chronological list of each sport's merger (1969-1972)

Season Records
years Case, WRU and CWRU fielded varsity teams in each sport (1880-2000)
links to details of each sport: season record, opponents, head coaches, game dates, locations, and scores

All sources used are in the Archives and may be consulted in the Archives. We used:

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