Art of STEM 2022

Art of STEM

Art of STEM is a juried exhibit competition for the Case Western Reserve University (CWRU) campus community hosted by Kelvin Smith Library. This unique exhibit competition challenges participants to discover new excitement in their work by exploring their artistic side and sharing their creative endeavors with the world. The Art of STEM exhibit celebrates the diversity of research at CWRU and its impact to inspire interest in STEM fields and promote collaborations.

Art of STEM is open to CWRU faculty, students, and staff, Cleveland Institute of Art students who collaborate with a member of the CWRU community, as well as high school students in Cuyahoga County. All participants submit STEM-related digital images of their work and provide a descriptive text caption.

These entries are judged by a jury of CWRU faculty and Cleveland-area art professionals. The criteria for evaluation are artistic merit, title creativity, and caption eloquence. Entries are ranked based on the composite score of these three aspects.


To learn more about the Art of STEM  see the competition homepage:



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