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Case Western Reserve University Archives

Pioneers: CWRU's First Women

When our original web exhibit went live in 2003, women represented 44% of the Case Western Reserve University student population and 31% of its faculty. One hundred years earlier,  women were 20% of the combined Case School of Applied Science and Western Reserve University student population and 9% of the faculty. In 2020, women represented 51% of the CWRU student population and 39% of the full-time faculty. Many factors contributed to reducing obstacles to educational opportunities for women. Not least among these factors were the courage and tenacity of the women who broke each barrier.

This exhibit is to remember and honor the achievements of the individual women who were CWRU’s “firsts” – students, faculty, administrators, and philanthropists. The original exhibit was supported by a grant from the Flora Stone Mather Alumnae Association. The exhibit was revised in November, 2007, April 2017 and September 2020.

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